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  Trish wrote to share this:
I wanted to share something that our teacher does.  He uses movies in his talks to get across dharma ideas.  It's something everyone can relate to and gets them to see the movies in a new light.  He even has movie night once a month at the dharma center...

What's cool for kids is best related in a story.  My son asked why some of the movies the teacher chose as dharma movies were pretty violent; violence really upset him in films.  Our teacher explained that when you see a movie like that it helps to view the violent character or action as the nature of anger and how letting it get out of control harms others.  When the  "bad guy" receives violence in return it's an example of karma, and that sometimes the deities are wrathful.  He also said that being a Buddhist doesn't mean being a doormat, and that sometimes it's important to take action to protect others, and yourself.  So, now just about any movie we watch we discuss "is it a dharma movie, or not?"  You'd be surprised how much dharma there is in a Jackie Chan movie!!

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