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Videos can help teach lessons.
This is a review of Children's video tapes which I feel present Buddhist lessons. A movie to explore Judism /Christianity
Prince of Egypt

More thoughts on videos & lessons.

Jack Frost,  Warner Home Video, 1999.
  Story of a father who is killed in an accident and is reincarnated as a snowman.  This movie can lead to discussions of the concepts of rebirth, clinging, emotional healing.

  Wizard of Oz,  MGM/UA Home Video, 1996 or Turner Entertainment Co., 1999.
  After seeing this movie repeatedly on television I went to see it at the theater when it was rereleased in 1998 and was amazed at the many Buddhist lessons contained within it.  We always have the power within us, but we have to discover it for ourselves.  We're always looking somewhere over the rainbow for our dreams, but there's no place like home - and home is our Buddha nature!  As the Scarecrow says  at the end "It's so simple!"   Yes, Buddhism is so simple, but we keep trying to make it hard.

  A Little Princess, Wonderworks Series,  Public Media Video,  released 1990, c1986
In this version of the classic tale, the idea of Karma is explored.

This Pretty Planet, Sony Kids' Video, 1992
Tom Chapin is a favorite kids' performer.  This tape contains a number of ecological songs such as This pretty Planet,   Somone's Gonna Use It,  The Wheel of the Water,  and  Good Garbage .    Much of these songs also present the interconnectedness of life.

Mulan, Walt Disney Home Video : Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 1999
I list Disney's Mulan for the short scene in the movie where one of the characters chants "Namu Amida Butsu" which helps calms the character.

Prince of Egypt, DreamWorks, 1999.
The story of Moses from Judeo-Christian teachings.  Can lead to a discussion of other religions.

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