Buddhist Sects

Importance of Sangha

Connecting with a Sangha is an important aspect of Buddhism.  Different sects have different belief structures and follow different leaders. Which sect is right for you and your family?  I am collecting information about various sects to present here to help you decide.  In the end one does not need to belong to any one sect or only one sect.

Introduction  to Buddhist Sects

Many people think of Buddhism as one religion with one set of beliefs.  But just as Christianity is divided into various churches and sects with a major division of Catholic and Protestant and smaller sects of Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, etc.. Buddhism is also divided into sects with many different beliefs.  Buddhism has major groupings of  Hinayana or Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.  Yana means vehicle.  So each of these is a vehicle to help us along the path toward enlightenment.

Within each of major grouping there are numerous other groupings such as Zen, Shin, Nichiren, Tibetan, etc. And within these are more groupings such as within Zen are Soto Zen, Rinzai Zen, Chizen-ji, just to name a few.  Although we have common teachings that most groups follow, each has their own interpretations, spiritual leaders, and methods of practice.

I'll be adding information about different sects as soon as I can.

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