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Minding What They Watch

My son went to an overnight sleepover at a friend's. It was the friend's 11th birthday. Next morning my son told me that they watched an R rated movie (the movie was rated R for horror, violence and nudity). I was angered at the friend's parents for just assuming it was okay for a group of 10-11 year old boys to watch this movie without consulting the other parents first. A lesson for me in that I can't always control what happens with my kids.

Seems so few parents seem to care what their kids watch. I feel like I'm a dinosaur , I restrict what my kids watch. I have a belief that the more wholesome we live our lives including our entertainment, the more balanced and centered we are.

I feel movie ratings, TV ratings and video game ratings give me some idea of age appropriateness of the content. Some kids are able to handle things a few years younger. I think we as a society need to respect the innocence and wholesomeness of childhood and kids should not be overwhelmed with inappropriate material. I think a child should be allowed a period of innocence and should only leave that behind gradually. At certain ages they reach a level of emotional and intellectual maturity which allows them to better deal with various types of material. Also we as parents at best should also view anything our child sees and discuss it with them, at least we should be informed about the movies they see.

What we watch effects us. Wholesome movies provide us with a wholesome frame of mind. Movies may have good stories which can be excellent teaching tools. And I think there is a balance between restricting what they watch and using movies to teach lessons about life. Violence in a movie may be shown how wrong violence is or it may be shown violence as the only way to achieve your ends. What lessons are your children learning from what they watch?

Ways to monitor what they watch:

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