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Positive Parenting - or how to not hate school breaks

On New Year's Day, an acquaintance said to me "I am so glad my daughter goes back to school tomorrow."   I've often heard this same person complain about what an inconvenience it is to have kids out of school, how difficult caring for a child is, and what a  burden parenting is.  All this said within earshot of the child.  This woman is not the only parent I've heard make these proclamations.  It seems to be a major belief among many parents. A change of attitude is needed.  Parenting should never be throught of as a burden. Parenting should always be a joy - perhaps a challenging one, but a joy none the less. And our children should never, ever hear us complain about any hardships parenting presents to us.  They are listening to us even when we think they are not. They absorb the negativity and blame themselves.

No, I'm not a perfect parent. I do get frustrated, exasperated, and angry at various times.  But it is all part of the pathway.  A pathway I freely chose.  That is one thing I try to keep in mind at all times.  I'm the one who made the choice to parent, not my kids.

A positive attitiude can make any job a wonderful one.  Keep these tips in mind.

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