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Music as Practice

I recently listened to an old song called Zen Gospel Singers by Brian Bauer.  The song is a fun look at the lack of music as part of Zen Buddhist services, and tells of missing the old Christian Gospel music.   In the past year I have received email asking about Buddhist music for children.  Is music missing from Buddhist practice?  Although I have not been able to find much, here are some resources for Buddhist Music:
  • Motherlight by Betsy Rose. Audiotape  A collection of Dharma for the family.  Available from Parallax Press.
  • In My Two Hands by Betsy Rose. Audiotape A collection of songs based on the poetry and teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn. Available from Parallax Press.
  • The Blooming of the Lotus by Thich Nhat Hahn.  Book.  This book of guided Meditations includes musical scores to some of the meditations.  Available from Parallax Press.
Other non-Buddhist works with Buddhist messages:
  • Tom Chapin tapes which can be ordered through http://members.aol.com/chapinfo/tc/
    • Family Tree (1988) Including songs:  Someone's Gonna Use It, Family Tree,  This Pretty Planet
    • Mother Earth (1990) Including songs:  The Wheel Of The Water,  Good Garbage,   Mother Earth's Routine
    • See also videos
Know of any musical suggestions?  Family Dharma Connections: ( fd at pulelehuadesign.com )

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