Monastic Mom


In my midforties I think I finally know what I want to do when I grow up - Join a Buddhist monastery.  But as a divorced mom of two kids, I can't run off to a monastery just yet.  So I've decided to try to be as monastic in my life now as possible while raising my children who are far from monastic.  I hope to share my thoughts and stumblings along the way.  The following rambling thought do not necessarily reflect the teachings of any particular Buddhist sect nor Buddhism in general, but are my own spin on dealing with life, family, and Dharma.

On Life On Life & Parenting On Parenting

Becoming Monastic
Making Relationships Work
On meditation (Jan. 2002)
On meditation 2 (June 2002)
Dealing with Anger (November 2002)

Present Moment, Busy Moment (June 2003)
Perceptual interference (April 2006)
Lessons from Life's Endings (October 2009)

Communications 2
Equilibrium (Feb 2008)

Positive Parenting
Children are Mirrors
A Teen in the House (Jan. 2002)
Minding what They Watch (July 2002)
Be a Friend to Your Child (Oct 2002)
Walking the Dog (June 2003)
Expect Indepedence (June 2005)


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