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Children are mirrors - or how to avoid terrible twos

Children are the best mirrors especially when they are young.  They shine back brightly the things we do and say.  Is it any wonder that parenting can be so frustrating at times - we see ourselves in our children! 

I remember when my children were babies, everyone warned me of the times ahead when my children would reach the terroristic age of two.    I was told children become negative, shout "NO", throw temper tantrums, and otherwise test the waters.  I waited nervously as my oldest, a sweet even tempered child, approached the age of two. I braced myself to face this horrible time.  Two years came and went. Three years came and went.  The terrible twos didn't happen.  We never experienced the "No, no, no" so prevalent in many children.  It was then that I realized how much children mirror us.  I looked at some other children who I knew who were definitely into "No" and I looked and at the parents and heard of often "No! don't do that"  "No! don't touch"  "No!"  My child didn't hear the word "No" very often, so I did not get it mirrored back to me.

So how do you avoid saying "No"?  Here's some simple suggestions



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