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Exploring Mindfulness With Children

Mindfulness Game

Here are some activities to share with your children. Play the mindfulness game. Sit quietly. Have children listen for just a few moments. Have them name some of the things they can hear. Keep listening. See if they can be aware of more and more things that we are normally unawareof -- the sound of the wind in the trees, a bird chirping. This game can be repeated with sight, touch, smell.

Mindfulness Walk

Take a Mindfulness Walk. Walk through a park or take a hike. Walk quietly and slowly. Try to be aware of the things around you that you would normally miss: moss growing on a rock, the sound of water moving, the smell of flowers.

Food Connections

At dinner have you children try to name all the people and things that go into making the food you are having for dinner. Easy to name is the cow that gives the milk, but what else is involved. The cow eats grains: earth, sunshine, water help the grains to grow. Microorganism living in the soil help break down manure used for fertilizer to help the plants can grow. Farmers plant the grains, milk the cows. Manufacturers make the milking equipment, the trucks that carry the milk to the bottling facitity. People working at a factory make plastic bottles that we buy the milk in. So much is interrelated in just bringing a glass of milk to the table.
These are just a few things to help bring mindfulnessinto family life.

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