Dharma Lessons  & Daily Practice

Lessons For Children

Sharing lessons with children can help them to develop an understanding of the Dharma. Hopefully these lessons will grow and develop along with these web pages.  Before beginning any lessons, spend a few minutes in meditation so you may present lessons from your calm center. You may also want to begin each lesson with a meditation session with the children or recite gathas or verses to help calm and prepare the children for the lessons.

Approximate age level of the lessons are listed. Some lessons have multi-level lessons. Many lessons can be adapted for other ages. Don't overwhelm younger children with complex concepts.

Thoughts on using videos for lessons.

Coloring Book Pages

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Daily Practice

Daily practice is the way we bring the Dharma into our daily lives... Our lives outside our temples, zendos, churches or other centers of practice. How do we share the Dharma with our families on a day to day basis.

Dharma Basics

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