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These ideas were submitted a few years ago by Jim Parlier. I had intended to create lessons for them, so did not post when I received them.  Since I haven't gotten around to the lesson building, I thought I would just present the ideas as is.  My apologies for taking so long to get these great ideas on this site.

Miniature Zen Garden  - Build a miniature Zen Rock Garden.  A small box or tray, filled with white, washed sand, and  decorated with very small rocks or pieces of gravel - maybe even some blarney stones for the Irish Catholic accent.   The sand will be brushed and raked with a toothbrush, leaving circular patterns, upon which to mediate.

Herb Garden - One herb that each child grows themselves.  Preferably, edible.  So they can take it from the garden to the table  (dried or otherwise).  Oregano, thyme, basil, lemon grass - (stuff like that).

Mandala - Draw their own Mandala for posting in the house somewhere.

Spelling - learning Buddhist terms.

Koans - Write their own koans.

Family Meditations - sitting and walking on one of their own koans (as well as classic koans of coarse).

Meditation Bell - Bell to ring when going to bed and when awakening.

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