Monastic Mom

Becoming Monastic or how this all started.

Some major changes in my life brought one heck of a mid-life crisis during which I've reexamined much in my life. What I've come up with is that I want to simplify my life, make my life monastic, my home like a monastery - though the kids disagree on that point. 

While traveling in the car one day, my young son asked me what he could he be when he grows up. He said he needs to make a lot of money so he can support me in my old age.  I flippantly told him, "I'd rather jump off a cliff than have you support me." His older sister said, "Wouldn't it just be easier to become a Buddhist monk?"   She definitely has her own wisdom!

My son's desire to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up fed right into my own crisis as to what I want to do with my own life. I've worked only part-time since my children were born and continued employment at my current position is tenuous at best.  So I've adopted the goal of becoming a monk once my children are grown.  I'm not attached to this goal  -  life does seem to have a way of toppling my plans! 

Things to make life more monastic,  my adjustments, and tips for others:

A monastic life is not for every one, but you might want to implement a few of the above into your life.


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